maria dering

researcher / writer

People ask me, "What do you write?" The snappy answer is, "Whatever pays." In part, that's true. I'm a generalist: I write newsletters, brochure copy, press releases, reports, blogs, direct mail - everything except ad copy. (And don't think I didn't try to break into that once!) I've worked for corporate and non-profit clients, mostly on a freelance basis. (I also write short stories, mostly about ghosts -- you'll see those soon.)

Take a look at my recent work. It includes website copy for photographer Doug Kiddie, coverage of local politics, and a ghost sighting or two (one of my favorite topics).

Review the rest of my portfolio and take a look at my blogs. They'll give you an idea of my style and range of interests. My rates are based on the length and complexity of the project. Drop me a line if you think I can help you. And if you're not sure, let's talk!